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Are you looking for a specialist Auto Shipping service to the Middle East, Africa, or Europe?

You have come to the right place. Overseas Shipping Inc, is a specialist US auto transport service company to the Middle East, Africa, or Europe. We offer excellent customer service, and the best car shipping quotes, you can find.

Are you worried about transporting your car for long distances? Rest happy, we can ship your vehicle to the nearest port from your location at a low cost to ship.

We have a good understanding of Middle East shipping regulations with fluency in Arabic and English languages. We ship old, salvaged, and new vehicles to the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, and Africa. This has helped in shipping thousands of cars, motorbikes, jet skis, and heavy vehicles through RORO and Container Shipments modes.

Our customers and their contacts, rate us as the best car shipping company.

Types of Auto Shipping - New, Old and Damaged Cars and Motorbikes

Personal Car Container Shipping

Classic Car Shipping

Bulk Car  RORO Shipping

Bulk Auction Car Shipping

Personal Motorbike Container Shipping

Bulk Motorbike Container Shipping

Know how to ship your car overseas - Step by Step

  • Start by researching all car shipping companies near you. Ensure that they have the requisite facilities, services, and capabilities to safely ship your car overseas.
  • Provide the weight, dimensions, color, images, and specific pre-existing damages of your car. The auto transport company then, estimates the container space, provisions, and shipping costs.
  • Specify up front, if you want your vehicle to be delivered in an open or covered carrier. Further, indicate the date by when it is required at the overseas destination. Depending on the service you choose, the rates may vary.
  • Confirm that they have good shipping experience and speak the language of the country you plan to ship your vehicle. This will be useful in ensuring smooth interaction and ensuring a smooth sail to your destination.
  • Check if the rate quoted includes end-to-end charges and meets your expectations and budget. Get your doubts clarified. Avoid surprise charges, at the time of collecting your vehicle at the destination.
  • Insurance is not mandatory for shipping goods overseas. Hence, if you need, arrange the insurance and get your auto shipper to handle document preparation for customs clearance.
  • Make sure, your vehicle papers are up to date and conform to overseas shipping regulations. If you have any doubts, better to check with your car shipper

Before transporting your vehicle ensure the following:

  • Handover your vehicle squeaky clean
  • Inform the auto transporter in advance for any fluid leakage
  • Note down your vehicle’s battery levels and tire pressure
  • Take good clear pictures of your vehicle from all sides in detail
  • Ensure removal of all special, decors, fixtures and personal belongings

Ways to Ship Automobiles

This method requires to drop off your car at the nearest RORO dock or you can request for a pickup from your premise. In the latter case, we will send a pickup truck to transport your vehicle to the port. At the port, the vehicle is driven onto a RORO ship. The ship will sail off to the destination port where you or your representative, can pick it up. RORO ships are designed to ship a variety of vehicles like cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, buses, heavy vehicles, ATVs, etc. In order to be shipped through the RORO vessel, the vehicle should be in good running condition to be rolled on or rolled off at the destination.

RORO Shipping is best-suited for running vehicles, as you can save the cost of loading by driving on or off the vessel, at the end of the journey.

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Motor Vehicles (Cars or Motorbikes) can be shipped through RORO or Shared Container Shipping. In the case of Shared Container Shipping, multiple vehicles are loaded using forklifts into a container, until it is filled to its capacity. The date of sailing is kept flexible until the container is full. Once full, the container leaves the warehouse to the port of shipping.

This method is beneficial to consignees as the cost is shared and is also cost-effective in situations where the RORO facility is unavailable at the destination port.

In sharp contrast to shared containers, an exclusive container is loaded with one or more vehicles or personal belongings of a single consignee. This is an expensive option when you are shipping running vehicles. Both shared containers and exclusive container methods are best suited for shipping old or damaged vehicles.

With Overseas Shipping Inc, you can move your car at the best transport price with an absolute peace of mind. Rest assured, your cars and vehicles will arrive in one piece. Any damages in transit will be informed before handover. No surprises here!

Seeking the best car shipping services for your shipments, Overseas Shipping Inc, should be your port of call.

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