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The global economic and trade conditions keep changing. Further, international shipping involves dealing with many entities, complex procedures, and statutory clearances. Exporting merchandise is a multistage process. Save costs and hassles by working with experienced freight forwarders and customs brokers.

From the USA to the World, Overseas Shipping Inc. is an international shipping expert. We are your best choice for Export Container Shipping by offering the best shipping rates, better visibility, and total peace of mind for your shipments. From household goods, motor vehicles to manufactured products, we help to ship your goods with great care and safety in 20 ft and 40 ft containers.

Way to Ship Export Goods

When you don’t have enough cargo to utilize the space in the container choose LCL Shipping. Basically, you would be sharing the cost of the full container, with other shippers and consignees). You pay for only space occupied and the weight of your shipment. This saves the costs of shipping smaller export quantities, including household goods and motor vehicles to overseas destinations.

FCL Shipping (Full Container Load)
The FCL shipment is a multi-stage process. We pick up an empty freight container from the yard, load the goods your factory premise or home, and transport by truck to the port of loading. Next, load to an ocean vessel and shipping of your cargo to the port of arrival and delivery at the doorstep. In such cases, the container will ship only your products as a single shipper to a single consignee. It is the most convenient, safe, and cost-effective way to ship large consignments.

Live Load – We pick up an empty container and send it to your premises – home or factory. You are provided 2 hours to pack, crate, brace, and seal your goods. If you need our packing services, additional charges will apply. Extra charges are also applicable for extended container detention time.

Drop and Pick Load – Similar to the above, but you get 2-3 days to comfortably pack and load your goods. Choose this option, if your port of sailing is near, else Live Load is the best option. Inland transportation costs will be higher for longer distances.

Warehouse Load – Save costs of inland freight by delivering your household goods or vehicles at our warehouse. Once we receive it, we secure your cargo and consolidate it into the container for FCL shipment. Later, we deliver at the port of shipping. This is the safest and convenient way to ship FCL of household goods.

Whether you ship through Air or Sea, freight consolidation services aim to reduce the time and cost of container shipping. In simple terms, it means combining several consignees having LCL goods, into one consolidated container load. Overseas Shipping, is an expert in international shipping. We can commit on-time shipment, secure warehousing combining efficient customer service to ship consolidated freight loads to international destinations. We offer professional end-to-end packing and crating materials with expert services to secure your goods in the container.

Here’s how we make export shipping simple- Step by Step

        1. Book a shipment via email with Overseas Shipping
        2. Provide export consignment details such as cargo description, dimensions, place of loading, and export shipper information. The dimensions may vary with the type of shipment chosen – LCL, Break Bulk, and RORO.
        3. For first time customers, we charge a security deposit, which is adjustable against your final payment. For airfreight due to short-duration shipments, we expect full prepayment.
        4. Due to the multistage process, it is better to submit export documents in advance. This information should be true, free of omissions, or wrong entries. This is termed as a customs declaration document. Based on this document customs clearance is given for the shipment.
        5. The export documents include the item packing list, commercial invoice, dock receipt, and shipper export declaration. This is crucial and hence provide full details, don’t skip anything.
        6. When the shipping arrangements are worked out, we will provide the following information:•  Booking Confirmation
          •  Estimated Date of Departure (ETD)
          •  Estimate Date of Arrival (ETA)
          •  Shipping Vessel Name, Voyage, and Route
        7. Depending on the chosen mode of transport, the Bill of lading is referred to differently.
          •  Airway Bill for airfreight
          •  Inland Bill of Lading for international land or rail transportation
          •  Ocean Bill of Lading for sea freight
        8. This is a contract document between the carrier and yourself. Refer to the latest Incoterms for a better understanding of shipping industry parlance. This is issued a few days after the shipment departs.
        9. On receipt of your payment, we issue the telex release for the exported goods. The container is released to your consignee within 5 days following the credit of your payment in our bank account.

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