Answers to Shipping Questions frequently asked by customers.

What is needed to ship my car overseas?

Whether your car is shipped by RORO or in Container you need the following:
1. The original Certificate of Title of your car and two copies of the notarized title.
2. The Bill of Sale or a notarized Bill of Sale (depends on the port of origin)
3. The original Certificate of Origin if you’ve purchased a brand new vehicle
4. Shipper Export Declaration
5. Declaration of Dangerous Goods
6. Copy of your U.S. passport

What is RORO, and can I ship my personal household in my car when shipped through RORO?

RORO means Roll On and Roll Off a shipping vessel. At the port, the carrier will drive in your car and secure it on the vessel. Note that you are not permitted to load your personal belongings in the car.

What are the sizes of the shipping containers?

The standard size of shipping containers is 20 feet and 40 feet in length. Some destinations have 45HC container size.

What is needed to ship my car in a container?

If your query is regarding documentation, please refer to the first question for your answer. If you need more elaboration visit

Which method of payment do you accept?

We prefer bank deposit, Zelle, and checks, we do accept credit card payments, but we would add credit card fees.

How long will my shipment take to arrive?

This is an important question to ask shipping companies. We know price matters, but sometimes $200 or $300 less does not mean you got your best deal. Some shipping lines would take almost 3 months to reach their destination. We offer a tracking service the moment your goods leave the port. You can track your shipment through its journey.

When should I pay for my shipment?

Normally we require 50% down before we send trucks to your location, or load in our warehouse, and the rest when it sails.

How frequently do ships sail and how much time I need to request booking in advance?

Normally most destinations have sailings weekly, but some ships would be full in short notice. We ask for two weeks advance notice to guarantee the booking.

Does my shipment have Insurance ?

Insurance is based on your discretion. It is charged extra on your request.

Can I change my consignee info after ship sails?

Yes, but most shipping lines charge correction fee. If the shipment arrived at the destination then you will need to do corrections from the port of discharge.

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