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At Overseas Shipping Inc, we offer required documentation, strong packing, and reliable transportation for any size of cargo. As a US licensed NVOCC, headquartered in Baltimore, we assure you hassle-free international shipping with complete peace of mind.

Your goods are transported with care and efficiency through Air Cargo, Ocean Container Shipping, and Inland Freight. We have long-term associations with well-known multimodal transport partners to ensure safety, reliability and timely delivery to your required destinations.

Smart, Cost-Effective Multimodal Shipping

Air Freight

Air Freight services give you time and peace advantage. We handle all attendant documentation – import/export/custom clearances, with care and efficiency to reach your shipments on-time. An experienced team conversant with air freight operational dynamics, help move goods (Perishables/Industrial /Hazardous), swiftly to respective destinations. We count the leading supply chain and logistics companies as our partners.

Ocean Container and RORO Shipping

Ocean Shipping is central to our business. Our proximity to the Baltimore port makes us the best choice for international shipping. We have long-term associations with leading ocean liners and US Ports, to make timely and secure shipments. Our team is conversant with US Customs regulation and freight forwarding norms. When you entrust your shipment, you are assured of end-to-end international shipping services, from anywhere in the USA to anywhere in the world. We ship overseas a range of household goods, motor vehicles, and export goods ( like electronic items, industrial products, heavy machinery, pharmaceuticals, garments, etc) through container and RORO vessels.

Inland Freight Transport

Inland Freight services take over from the nearest seaport or airport to move goods to its ultimate destination. Our hub and spoke approach negate delays, all shipments are swiftly lifted or offloaded onto waiting trucks to be transported long or a short distance to customers. We are equipped to handle all types of goods deemed perishable, dangerous, or heavy, complying with shipment specifications. Speed and reliability are at the core of our inland transportation services.

Main Services

Auto Shipping

Ship old or new vehicles from the USA to the world.


Household Goods Shipping

Safe, and reliable international household shipping.


Container Export Shipping

Professional and efficient export shipping services.


Warehousing and Crossdocking

Store, retrieve, pack, and load small to big shipments.


Other Services

Pack and Move Services

For shipping through ocean containers and air freight, your bulk goods need proper protection to endure the shipping journey. No matter how the loaders handle it, your shipment must reach its destination in one piece. Overseas Shipping Inc, specializes in providing proper packing using wooden pallets, fumigation, and shrink wrapping for safe loading on to containers. We handle the packing and shipping of vehicles, electronics, food, and heavy equipment. We use appropriate materials, steel fasteners to ensure your goods conform to load, climate, and impact specifications. Our experienced onsite team takes care of all your packaging needs. We partner with the reputed ocean, air, and inland freight companies to transport your goods safely to any destination in the world.

Project Logistics

Whether its an on-going project or a one-time event, both have to deal with complexity and time. Overseas Shipping Inc’s multi-faceted logistics team can manage any size, dimension, or a load of shipment by air, sea, and land. We deliver efficiency and work within timelines. Projects could involve moving ancillary/spares to assembly lines, advertising materials to exhibitions, dismantling and moving a factory to a new location, pick up from auto auctions, drop shipments, retail shipments, and more. Whatever the size and complexity, you can count on our extensive experience, to guarantee satisfaction and assets arrive in mint condition.

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