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Warehouses simplify the complex task of freight forwarding by offering space, storage, and security to protect goods from damage or loss. While the goal of freight forwarding is to reach goods from Point A to Point B safely and quickly at minimum cost.

Overseas Shipping Inc. provides spacious technology-driven warehouse facilities to securely receive, store, track and retrieve goods and effectively time shipments.

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Quality – Maintain high quality in our work and service

Efficiency – Save time and money through experience, skills, and expertise

Reliability – Deliver confidence and trust in customer service

Warehousing Services and Benefits

Our warehouse is the hub of our logistics operations. Using software and technology, we update goods movement, send alerts for pickups, share real-time shipping rates, and locate materials at the warehouse.

Warehouse Services - Secure, Safe Storage, Packing and Shipping Documentation

Services offered by our warehouse

  • Storage – All goods and vehicles are stationed in-house and the open yard is monitored by 24×7 video surveillance. We maintain a part of the warehouse as Consolidated Freight Station / Bonded Warehouse to hold temporary shipments until it has been cleared by customs.
  • Loading – Routine activities include container loading, stuffing, and unloading, devanning, and unstuffing. We load containers with Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, Household Goods, and a range of Export Goods. Heavy equipment and trucks are dismantled and loaded into containers. Besides, we undertake origin handling, where the unloading, checking and validation of the cargo is done.
  • Durable Packing- The containers are blocked, braced, and secured with necessary packing material and steel harness to ensure safe shipments. Long term or transit shipment pallet storage, repacking and relabeling are undertaken. We use a combination of wood, heavy-duty nylon straps, steel cables, dunnage bags, and other required material to ensure the safest loading possible.
  • Export haulage – We transport goods from your factory or store and transfer to our warehouse. If required we provide packing services on-premise for which extra charges are applicable.
  • Documentation  All necessary documentation and B/L processing, and processes are facilitated to prepare a smooth hassle-free shipment of your cargo.
  • Freight Consolidation – At the warehouse goods are combined and distributed to suit shipping and customer needs. Know more about our Freight Consolidation Services.
  • Inventory tracking – We use the Magaya WMS system to track all inventory in the warehouse. We provide access to real-time tracking and status information for your cargo stored in our warehouse.
  • Customs – Facilitation for customs clearance and AES filing to ensure smooth shipment to overseas destinations.


  • Reduce Shipping Costs- Work with our trained professionals with several years of freight forwarding experience to control your costs.
  • Gain Time Advantage – Leverage our long term partnerships with carriers and other logistics providers to enable quick and timely shipments.
  • Meet On-Demand/Complex Tasks – Get cost-efficient solutions to serve your complex or urgent warehousing needs.
  • Keep Shipping Flexible – Adjust plans, modify shipping schedules, and distribution routes to match business and market conditions.

Crossdocking Services - Quick, Efficient Inbound and Outbound Distribution

Crossdocking leverages information technology and efficient business systems to establish an on-demand shipping process. The prime goal is to manage full truckloads of goods consuming minimum time and cost. The crossdocking staging area involves efficient sorting, combining, and storing inbound goods until it is ready for outward shipment. Later based on market demand the goods are moved to the outbound staging zone for onward despatch to multiple locations within the USA.

Services offered at our crossdocking staging zone

  • Receiving Point – Goods received are held for a maximum of 48 hours at the facility and later reloaded for despatch elsewhere in the USA. Should you require it, we can facilitate on-demand cargo, consult our shipping experts to make it happen.
  • Sorting Zone – Depending on your market needs your goods are sorted, combined, and stored securely for future outbound shipments.
  • Outbound Staging – Once, we receive a confirmation for shipment, the stored goods are moved from to the outbound staging area. From here it is loaded and despatched to multiple locations as you need.

Crossdocking Benefits

  • Save Loading Time – When goods arrive early or late, the crossdock acts as temporary storage until the goods are loaded back onto the outbound truck, for ensuring timely shipments.
  • Manage Overweight Trucks –  For meeting weight compliance of overweight trucks, the crossdock helps to offload or remove overweight items.
  • Combining Shipment Delivery – When different vendors from multiple locations are delivering goods for one consignee, crossdocking helps merge them into a single shipment for that customer.
  • Keep Low Inventory – Bring down the costs of maintaining large stocks using crossdocking. Match orders to destinations and ship efficiently.
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs – Manufacturers and retailers need not invest in big warehouses to hold a large inventory of goods. Crossdocking makes it flexible and economical for them to plan storage based on market demands.
  • Minimize Damage Risks – The risk of damage to goods or human errors while handling is higher in conventional warehousing for large quantities. With crossdocking, both these risks are avoided through systematic handling of both inbound and outbound goods, saving time, and minimizing human errors.
  • One-Point Shipments – Businesses work with multiple entities to enable their shipments. Through crossdocking, everything is routed through one company for both warehousing and distribution, thus removing stress and reducing time.

Ways to Ship Household Goods Overseas

When you don’t have enough cargo to utilize the space in the container choose LCL Shipping. Basically, you would be sharing the cost of the full container, with other shippers and consignees). You pay for only space occupied and the weight of your shipment. This saves the costs of shipping smaller export quantities, including household goods and motor vehicles to overseas destinations.

FCL Shipping (Full Container Load)
The FCL shipment is a multi-stage process. We pick up an empty freight container from the yard, load the goods your factory premise or home, and transport by truck to the port of loading. Next, load to an ocean vessel and shipping of your cargo to the port of arrival and delivery at the doorstep. In such cases, the container will ship only your products as a single shipper to a single consignee. It is the most convenient, safe, and cost-effective way to ship large consignments.

Live Load – We pick up an empty container and send it to your premises – home or factory. You are provided 2 hours to pack, crate, brace, and seal your goods. If you need our packing services, additional charges will apply. Extra charges are also applicable for extended container detention time.

Drop and Pick Load – Similar to the above, but you get 2-3 days to comfortably pack and load your goods. Choose this option, if your port of sailing is near, else Live Load is the best option. Inland transportation costs will be higher for longer distances.

Warehouse Load – Save costs of inland freight by delivering your household goods or vehicles at our warehouse. Once we receive it, we secure your cargo and consolidate it into the container for FCL shipment. Later, we deliver at the port of shipping. This is the safest and convenient way to ship FCL of household goods.

Whether you ship through Air or Sea, freight consolidation services aim to reduce the time and cost of container shipping. In simple terms, it means combining several consignees having LCL goods, into one consolidated container load. Overseas Shipping, is an expert in international shipping. We can commit on-time shipment, secure warehousing combining efficient customer service to ship consolidated freight loads to international destinations. We offer professional end-to-end packing and crating materials with expert services to secure your goods in the container.

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